What does paper producer responsibility mean?

Producer responsibility is based on the Waste Act (642/2011, section 6, paragraphs 46-67) and aims to promote recycling and reduce waste. 

Who has paper producer responsibility?​

All professional paper manufacturers and importers of paper and printed paper products are obliged to organise waste management of recovered paper.  Paper collection must be organised in a way that every consumer can return newspapers, magazines, catalogues, office papers and other similar paper products in collection bins free of charge.  Read more: www.environment.fi​​

The easiest way to handle producer responsibility – join producer organization​

Suomen Keräystuote is an organization that takes care of the producer responsibility on behalf of the manufacturers and importers of paper. We fulfill all the product responsibility obligations for the producers that belong to our organization. Producers do not need to arrange collection by themselves as all the statutory obligations are taken care by Suomen Keräystuote.

Become a member and learn more!​

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